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2014 PC Annual Pick em' Pool
Chatters 2014 Pick em' Pool is now open...

NFL Games start September 4th and so does our long running PackerChatters Pick em' Pool.

Pool ID: chatters

Password: 2014

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2014 Winner's Prize Announced

This years PC Pool Contest winner will receive a Green Bay Packers Power LED Decal.

We have one in each of our vehicles and they look and work great.

Get ready to show off your Packers love to? every passerby on the road when you hook up your Packers-spirited ride with this Backlit LED Powerdecal! Measuring approximately 4.5 inches? in diameter, this motion sensing automotive decal offers a clean exterior while maximizing visual impact with full color and contrast at night. It turns on and off automatically through light and motion sensor technology, and for the sake of battery life conservation, it also shuts off once the vehicle has been parked for two minutes. As if it could not get any easier than that, the installation is simple and does not require the use of any tools. Just peel off the protective adhesive tape, stick it onto your preferred window and voila: you have earned yourself a decked-out mean Green Bay fighting machine on wheels!

    Blacklit LED decal
    Measures approximately 4.5" in diameter
    Light & motion sensors automatically turn device on & off
    Team colors & logo
    Batteries included
    Device turns off after two minutes once parked