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                                  Sunday, October 22, 2017  

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           PackerChatters response to Mark Murphy's and the Green Bay Packers Statement has tried keeping politics out of sports, and especially football, on our website and in our Forums. That all changed now. 

I am deeply concerned about your response Mr. Murphy as it brings in political rhetoric into Sports...just like a sheep following on Mr. Goodells heals. How sad.

I've been a fan of the Packers since grade school which was in the 1950's. My friends and I lived on the East side blocks from old City Stadium and we use to follow the banks of the east river on Sunday's and sneak in under the fence to see the game and get glimpses of our hero's. Back then you see it was 'sports' and something we wanted to maybe do in our future.

I remember playing football in our back yards or playgrounds. I used to be sometimes Jim Taylor or Paul Hornung or Tobin Rote or Veryl Switzer or Bobby get the drift. They and more were OUR heros.

I remember also when the Packers wanted to build the new City Stadium and the Packers were out soliciting for people to buy season tickets to help support. My dad bought tickets of which we still have 4 today.

I also remember Jerry Kramer and Doug Hart who used to come up to our cottage in northern Wisconsin after a Fall game to go bow and arrow hunting for whitetail deer.

Those were all good memories.

By wife Betty's dad was Phil Bengtson...I trust you've heard of him. He and Vince would be appalled at what is going on nowdays and frankly Lombardi would never put up with this crap.

In conclusion, now I am wondering why!!! Are our memories and support of OUR Team going to be tainted because player politics are going to be OK with the NFL? Who is running this League?

I started a small website back in 1996,, to honor our Green Bay Packers. The site is still going strong but I'm afraid I may shut it down because of your obvious support for some players disrespect for our flag and Country.

I don't expect to hear back as your statement is quite clear.

Our above comments above were also posted in Murphy's statement on the Packers official website.

                                                                               Saturday September 23, 2017

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                                                               Tuesday October 17, 2017

Packers sign QB Jerod Evans to practice squad

Undrafted rookie threw for 3,546 yards at Virginia Tech last year

The Green Bay Packers have signed QB Jerod Evans to the practice squad. He will wear No. 9.

The transactions were announced Tuesday by Executive Vice President,

General Manager and Director of Football Operations Ted Thompson.

Roster Updated in Team Info

Sunday October 15, 2017


      Packers plan to stick with Brett Hundley and Joe                     Callahan after Aaron Rodgers’ injury

Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone has thrown the Green Bay Packers’ 2017 season into disarray. The Packers’ offense will have to adjust to a new quarterback for an extended period for just the second time in the past decade, as Brett Hundley takes the reins during Rodgers’ absence.

Hundley is the only other quarterback on the Packers’ 53-man roster at present, however, a fact that led to rampant speculation by Packers fans and media members about who the team might add as a backup option.

Several high-profile names were bandied about immediately, including CBS broadcaster Tony Romo and free agent Colin Kaepernick. However, the Packers’ track record suggested just one feasible course of action: promoting third-stringer Joe Callahan from the practice squad.

Indeed, that is what is the plan, according to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. In his post-game press conference, McCarthy said as much, saying that “Brett Hundley is my quarterback, Joe Callahan is the backup.”

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